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CrazyTalk PRO 8.13

Add and customize animations to images of faces
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Animate facial images using text elements and voice clips. Work with a library of premade animation profiles and customize them according to the requirements of the current projects. Switch between movement styles and emotional response templates, export content.

CrazyTalk PRO is an application that allows you to animate images by using voice and text. It comes with various facial animations which give you the possibility to express almost any emotion.
The program has a nice and well-structured interface that gives you quick access to most important functions. To use the tool, you firstly need to add an image or select a preset actor. When the desired image is added, you just crop the head area, adjust the position of eyes and lips, align the facial wire-frame and set the face orientation. Once these steps are completed, you can start animating the image.

The tool lets you modify some other details, such as the image color level, the background, the eyes, and the mouth. Each feature provides a wide range of options which enable you to modify the character as you desire. For instance, the eye settings allow you to adjust the ball-iris and the ball-white of the eyes, the eye light and shadow, the eyelash, or the makeup. When you are finished modifying the image, you can proceed with the audio part. There are some voice scripts which simulate distinctive sounds, such as a growling dog, a kiss, a whisper, an evil laugh, etc. You can also use the voice morphing function to add more voice effects. The application includes a very convenient feature that allows you to use written text as the desired speech for your animated image.

You also have the ability to add motion effects. The program allows you to select some preset emotions, but it also lets you edit the movement of your character the way you want. When you have finished editing the image, the application gives you the possibility to select the output format, the quality compressor, and the frame rate.

All in all, this is a professional program that helps you edit images and turn them into realistic 3D animations.

Amelia Wagner
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  • Lots of editing effects
  • Auto motion feature
  • Works with both audio or text
  • Various voice scripts
  • Voice morph function
  • Timeline option


  • Tutorials are only available online and require registration
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